6 Signs it is High Time You Change Jobs

The general idea around work is that it’s not supposed to be enjoyable, and feeling like Chandler Bing when his job title was certainly not as amusing as him – Statistical Analysis and Data Reconfiguration, is a general state of mind. If work seems robotic and unfulfilling, it could be a sign that it is high time you switched jobs.

So sit down and grab a pen and paper, to check if you have any of these signs, and by the end of the article, you will probably figure out if you have been having bad work days or changing jobs is a requirement.

1. Your goals don’t align anymore:

Having bad days at work is pretty normal because lets face it, work can’t be great every single day of the year. So the first thing you need to do is figure out whether you’ve been disliking your job recently because of minor inconveniences, or because your goals don’t align with what you’re currently doing. As human beings we’re constantly evolving, and can not expect ourselves’ to have one goal regarding our job for the rest of our lives. Imagine this, as you grow your tastes and preferences keep changing, how do you expect your preferences with regard to your career to not change? It is completely normal for your goals to be different now, in comparison to, from when you chose a career and started working in that field. If your goals have changed, it is high time you quit your job and rearranged your life, directing it to your current goal.

2.You are extremely dissatisfied:

There are many reasons one can be dissatisfied with their job. It could be small things like commute or larger things like monetary dissatisfaction. If the reason you are dissatisfied can be worked upon, then do so. However, if it something that is not negotiable for you, and is making you really discontented, then changing your job could provide some contentment.

3. Stress levels are higher than ever:

People tend to take stress really lightly. However, psychology says that too much stress can lead to multiple health problems, and really unhealthy amount of stress could be fatal. Over the years, we have noticed that mental health and health is extremely important, even more than your work. Therefore, if your work is stressing you out more than the healthy amount of stress required, it’s high time you quit or changed your job.

4. Your job is affecting your eating and sleep pattern:

Things like our sleeping and eating patterns affect our health to a major extent, that we don’t notice until it’s very late.
When talking about eating patterns, if you’re either eating too much or not at all, that’s a sure shot sign you should be changing jobs. Food can turn into an addiction just as much as alcohol or drugs can. Certain foods work as an aphrodisiac, reducing stress or anxiety. On the other hand, if you’re eating into your meal time, just to get more work done, and ending up not consuming food, which directly affects your health and increases irritability, weight fluctuations, and unhappiness, it’s clear that you need to quit.
Psychology also suggests that sleeping too much could be a sign of depression, so if you constantly feel like not waking up for work, it could be a sign you’re rather unhappy with your work. Moreover, if your work is cutting into your sleep time, that increases anxiety, stress and causes irritability. These are some certain signs you NEED to change your job.

5. You feel overqualified:

If you feel overqualified for the job you’re in, it’s time you either ask for a promotion if you love your work culture, or quit to climb the monetary ladder, in another company. Money and Titles grant job satisfaction to people, and feeling overqualified could lead to complete dissatisfaction with the job, which we know is a sign you should change jobs.

6. You’re depending on a lot of influences:

Drug use and Alcohol abuse are sure shot signs that you must change your jobs quickly. Extreme drinking and drug use does not begin until you feel that something is missing in your life, or they act as negative ways to deal with problems in your life. Therefore, if you see yourself slipping down the slide of drug and alcohol abuse, we suggest you look for a new job.

So? What have you decided? Do you need a new job or not?
If you do, we’re here to make your life easier. You can contact us, we are a HR and Headhunting Agency, and therefore will connect you with a number of jobs and companies/firms, until you are a 100% satisfied with your job!

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