Sukhbir Kaur


Being the Managing Partner with a demonstrated history of working in HR, Sukhbir is very skilled in Managing Talent. She has started conducting various trainings for corporate entities.

She is highly disciplined, righteous & meticulous in her working style.

Sandesh Prabhu

Marketing Programs Manager

Sandesh is currently pursuing MBA.(Tech) in Marketing from NMIMS. He is also an Editor & Co-founder of the media website Nerdcasm.

He is a professional chess player & a passionate singer. He loves taking up crazy assignments.

Royce J

Business Development Manager

With 7+ years of experience, Royce has worked with top-notch consulting companies & specialized in end-to-end recruitment: both pan-India & in the US. He is well-versed with growing business.

Royce loves playing the piano, singing, mimicry & acting. He is fun-loving and very energetic.


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